About Us

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The Synergic effect of this organization will be shaped by reminding each other our social responsibility to the community that shaped our childhood experience of collective responsibility and our will of regaining the legacy of our youth and the pride of our past of being called “Yekorem Lejoch”(children of Korem). We owe deep debt of gratitude to the men and women who offered us guidance at every step, inspired us to think and who carried the burden and sense of pride in our community and raised us always feeling as one large family.

The seed of this organization was planted on July 4th 2008 by a handful individuals who gathered to reminisce that past, asses the present and asked themselves what they can do to make a meaning full contribution to improve quality of life at the local level. Filled with the fond memories of shared community values and the CAN DO attitude of our vibrant youth, it was formed on the basis of the following objectives:

  1. To bridge the gap of communication and build strong social network among the loosely connected individuals, families and interested parties who have keen interest in the social and economical wellbeing of the people of Korem (Quorem) and the surrounding communities.
  2. To draw upon our one community upbringing and work together with regional, sub-regional and local groups with common objective.
  3. To become proactive in understanding the needs, challenges and day to day struggle of the economical hardships in the community and take solution oriented measures through coordination of resources and participating in carefully selected specific projects and community based initiatives at the local level.

Our organization is none political organization and will not exclude any one due to their ethnicity, religious belief and political or social affiliation. Our purpose is not to become a venue for social out cry on the ill effects of natural and unnatural phenomenon affecting human life but to work with all interested and bring meaningfully results in the area of education, health and sustainable economics.

The difference between our success and failure is our ability to work together, our focus on implementation of planned objectives and our ability to execute with out too much intellectualizing and philosophy. As we give our great heartfelt thanks to those individuals for rekindling the pride of our upbringing in that collective community and remind us our shared social responsibility to our people, we ask you to join us in our journey, to perfect what we have outline and execute to make a difference in the life of ordinary people. The discrepancy between what we have vision and what we will be able to do require our will and our tradition of shared responsibility. Never mind what others didn’t do, it is what you do that counts. Anything less is an excuses and a failure to recognize our past.

Our definition of "Yekorem Lejoch" is broad. It does not represent any specific race, religion, age, sex, regional or political group. It represents all those who lived in Korem in one form or another. It includes those who were born, who grew up, who went to school , who worked and lived in Korem and any one willing to join on the ideals of a common purpose.